Brice Colombier


I am interested in the following research topics:


I am or have been involved in the following research projects:
NameDurationFunding agencyDescriptionRole
SCAMA2024 - presentANRSecure-by-design computing against microarchitectural attackslocal PI
VO2Random2024 - presentANRVanadium dioxide-based films for randomizing integrated circuits photonic emission and absorptionmember
PEPR Cybersécurité / ARSENE project2022 - presentANRArchitectures Sécurisées pour le Numérique Embarquémember
PEPR Technologies quantiques / PQ-TLS project2022 - presentANRPost-quantum padlock for web browsermember
POP2021 - presentANRPower-off laser attacks on security primitiveslocal PI
EPOQAP2021 - 2022Initiatives de Recherche à Grenoble AlpesÉvaluation des algorithmes de cryptographie post-quantique contre les attaques physiquesPI
PANTACOUR2021 - 2022INS2IPhysical Attacks, New Targets And CountermeasuresPI
PROSECCO2015 - 2019ANRSecurity evaluation of software countermeasures against physical attacks inserted at compilation timePostdoc
PILAS2016 - 2019FUIAdvanced laser fault injection techniques for security evaluationPostdoc
SALWARE2013 - 2017ANRSalutary hardware to fight against counterfeiting and illegal copying of integrated circuits and intellectual property coresPhD Student

PhD students supervision

I am supervising or have supervised the following PhD students: