Brice Colombier




Constraint programming to search for PLL-TRNG parameters


This program uses constraint programming to find the M, N and C coefficients of the two PLLs used in a PLL-TRNG (true random number generator based on phase-locked loops).

Fast and incremental Correlation Power Analysis


Python script performing a first or second-order CPA. Intermediate correlation values can be obtained to plot the successive rank values for the correct key hypothesis.

Pre-processing of side-channel traces


Set of scripts that maniulate/process traces obtained by side-channel measurements. The Numpy .npy format is used.

AIS-31 statistical tests


Python implementation of AIS-31 statistical tests T0 to T8. These tests are used for offline evaluation of true random number generators.

Logic masking with centrality indicators


Implementation of a method based on centrality indicators to select the nodes to modify by logic masking. Logic masking inserts XOR/XNOR gates to controllably alter the outputs of an IP core.

CASCADE key reconciliation protocol


Python implementation of the CASCADE key reconciliation protocol.

Combinational netlists parsing


In order to modify the combinational netlists, Théo Basty did an internship in our team to develop several parsers. The final result is an igraph graph object. So far it handles the following netlist formats:

Combinational logic locking


Implementation of the logic locking method which inserts AND/OR gates to controllably lock the outputs of an IP core.

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